Get Rewarded for Playing Golf!

CaddieRewards Loyalty - How it Works

You've likely been scolded (at least once) for playing golf too much. Not anymore. Our new, free-to-join program, "CaddieRewards", rewards you with CaddieCash, redeemable points, special promotions and even awards for playing the sport you love!

Here's Exactly How it Works:

CaddieRewards is simple to use. Play golf, get rewarded! There are various ways to earn rewards points, as you'll see below. We've even created a unique system called "CaddieCash" which allows you to use your rewards same as cash at all participating local golf courses.

STEP 1 - The registration process is a simple, 3-step process.
  • First, you register by simply filling out the enrollment form
  • Second, you'll receive a membership number after registering. You can also get this number at the golf shop if you decide to register there.
  • Third, you finalize and activate your membership by entering your membership number by visiting and following the "Register Card" links.  You'll get full instructions once you complete step #1.
  • And don't worry, this is all 100% free.
   **as an alternative simply request to enroll in the golf shop, you will immediately receive a card and number where you will proceed to "Register" your card.
  • Once you've registered, come in as you regularly would to play golf... pay for a qualifiying round of golf and a percentage of your spending in CaddieCash, will be automatically placed in your account.  It's like saving money for doing the exact same thing you'd be doing anyway!

STEP 3 - Spend Your CaddieCash

  • Here's the best part. The part where you spend your rewards and get free stuff. Want a new Driver? Don't spend your hard-earned money on one from a sporting goods store. Simply come in and play golf like you normally would, save your CaddieCash - and get when you are ready apply your CaddieCash and save huge!
  •  Or you can use the CaddieCash to buy lunch for you and your friends. Or to grab some beverages. Or for a new sleeve of balls. Or whatever else you need that day.
  •  Best of all, there are no expiration dates and as you'll see below, many different ways for you to earn rewards.

 Enroll Now


But Rewards Aren't all You Get!

Earn at All Participating Golf Courses

CaddieCash is a revolutionary new concept that, quite honestly, we've never seen done anywhere else. The concept is simple.  You earn rewards at not just one, but all participating golf courses. That way you earn extra rewards while having the freedom to play at different courses.

Emails and Text Communications Before Everyone Else

Like skipping to the front of the line? Then you'll love our rewards communication system. You'll be the first to know of any special promotions we're running. You'll also be given special private access to Loyalty Club members-only specials we're running.

You can choose from text or email notifications (or both), plus decide how, when and what kind of notifications you'd like to receive through your own personal preferences.

Track Your Rewards Balances On-Line

A rewards program wouldn't be complete without the ability to get real-time updates and trackable stats online. That's why you can login to your account to track all your rewards and transactions whenever you find it necessary. Simply go to and login.  Or get the new Mobile app and use your smartphone to stay in touch.

What Qualifies?


  • green fee and cart fee rounds at participating courses - rounds of golf that are not paid for will not earn CaddieCash. To include but not limited to: member rounds, league rounds, outing rounds, vouchers, 3rd party pre-paid rounds and more.  
  • Rounds of golf must be of certain type - deeply discounted (50% off or greater), cart fee only, multi-player discounts, certificates and vouchers, outings, leagues, 3rd party paid rounds, and some others will not qualify for CaddieCash.


  • Golf: When used for Golf, CaddieCash can only be used to off-set the price of non-discounted rounds of golf, no exceptions.  
  • Golf Merchandise: all golf shop merchandise qualifies for CaddieCash use.  You may use with both sale and non-sale items.
  • range balls: use against the price for all sizes of range balls, including a range membership
  • Food and beverage (no alcohol or tobacco) in the GRILL room: purchases in the Grill room qualify for use of CadieCash.  All alcohol purchases are excluded per MLCC (liquor) law.

Note: you can continue to EARN CaddieCash without registering your card BUT you will NOT be able to spend it until the card assigned to you is registered.

CaddieCash expires annually and by calendar year.  Participating Golf Courses retain the sole and exclusive right to change or eliminate this loyalty program at any time.  Should a participating golf course withdraw from the CaddieRewards program they will be obligated to any rewards earned at their facility and all earned CaddieCash must be spent by the end of that calendar year.  After December 31, of any withdrawal year, all remaining CaddieCash earned at that facility will beremoved from member accounts.  CaddieRewards is a trademarked and copywrite of QNorth LLC.  All inquiries about the CaddieRewards program can be directed to but all Club related questions should be answered by the Club in question.     

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